What’s a Sugar Daddy got to do with it?

Last weekend I went to New Haven, Connecticut for a third reading of “The Standard Upgrade” by Angie Montgomery and Howard Leader . This was our first public presentation and we were at the very hip Study Hotel on the Yale Campus (can we say YES to the penthouse?!) Check out this satellite of New Haven CT above.

As the story goes, “The Standard Upgrade” follows three white lawyers who, in an effort to jump-start their lives, get involved with young women of color. There are plenty of juicy and racy moments, along with a real love story in the mix.

*Outside the hotel

The piece was very well received, but let’s just say there were a few moments when the audience was audibly and visually shocked by the playwrights’ upfront sense of humor. I was not surprised given that topics ranging from the middle-aged sugar daddy and the escort, the desperate rich guy going through a midlife crises, a missing condom, and a coked out lawyer insensitive to his wife’s cancer were all on the table.

I feel very connected to my character right now, as we are both two educated sistah’s on the hustle in the Big Apple. Looking forward to exploring her more.

Oh and here I am at Grand Central on my way out, excited as ever 🙂

We should be doing another staged reading in April so, more to come!


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