A Debut

This weekend I made a debut of sorts out here. My first semi-staged reading of a straight play in New York…

The Standard Upgrade

We performed at the Gold Crest Screening Room attached to Gold Crest Films, this great independant production company in the Meatpacking District.

They have an award-winning post-production business and have distributed over 100 titles. I look forward to going back for a screening.

This was our third reading and the play is in the final round at Berkshires Playwright Lab which chooses 5 to 6 plays out of 700-800 to perform in the Berkshires every summer. (uhm my passport is READY!)

A beautiful day in the Meatpacking District

The area is mostly bars, restaurants and great shopping.Here is the look my character “Keisha” had goin’ on that day, great excuse to wear my glasses 🙂

The humor of the play was very well received, with some shock over a couple of scenes involving (ahem) cancer jokes and a lost condom, but I digress….

More info on The Standard Upgrade

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