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Music is Everything.

This week I did a collabo with the very talented Lamone Green a.k.a “SoulKlap” on The Fear. The results were stunning.

SoulKlap is a writer, producer and rapper hailing from Cleveland, OH currently based out of Williamsburg.

This was one of those collaborations you don’t forget. The writing process was easy and natural, and the song speaks very strongly to me.

  On the meaning of the track:

 “The Fear was the first song I wrote when I moved to New York last August.  It is the story of how I got here, and why I’m here.  I hope that it motivates people to rid themselves of whatever they fear whether that’s quitting a job to move, trying something new or whatever it is.”

On what inspires him most as an artist:

“Life is the best motivator.  I’ve experienced a lot, met a lot of people, collaborated with a lot of talented artists.  Just living in New York has motivated me to go hard with my music. That’s what also motivated me to title my next project Nothing To Lose, The World To Gain.”

Lamone Green


Listen to The Fear below.


“You’ve got the fear now taking over, keep your head high

forget every fear you remember.

You’ve got the fear now feel it inside, let your soul rise

forget every fear you remember.”

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