the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

inspiration is a drawing in of the mind, of resources around you in order to make something new. inspiration is aspiration.  i am thinking of  Stromae  nee Paul van Haver and his blending of reality + dance music. his sound is a sound of the now –> global culture now, unemployment now, uneven color lines now, youth-malaise now, the end of the golden age of capitalism now. 


and at the heart of it all a fierce f*%&$*ng relentless beat. formidable indeed.

stromae = how can my art be created and communicated in a connected way?

i am thinking of photography and the power of image. what i mean by “image” is that which is most immediately seen and digested. blink. what do you see? what is stationary near you? what are you looking at? what is the picture you see when your eyes are open? close your eyes. now what do you see? how is this image the same? how is it changing with each blink, moving further and further away from the root image you first saw when your eyes were open?

What are we really seeing then, when we are constantly encountering images both natural and edited? reality based and technologically generated and altered? what is in my mind’s eye if everything i am seeing is based on a construction?

i am thinking of a new year. 2014. hoping to work from an inspired place and create images that are worth being in your mind’s eye.



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