Third Year


First day of the last year of graduate school.  I am excited, ready for more work and collaborations, but above all I can’t believe I made it this far.  It’s always easy to look back and ponder what path you could have taken, and to be weary of an unknowable future. But it’s great to be in the here and now, and to give it your all.

There is a lot going on in the US and abroad and I think it’s important to locate yourself; physically, politically, and spiritually. Where are you? Be where you are.  What do you believe in? Pursue your beliefs. I think that knowing your point of view, your concerns, and where you lie on the line are the best ways to enrich your art and your life. Second Year showed me that, this summer at the Guthrie showed me that, and I hope to carry it into the Third Year.

Looking back:

A Guthrie Experience


Project Hedda


Twelfth Night

Much Ado About Nothing

Grateful, humble, and excited for more.  Thanks to my family, my friends, thankful for good health and my faculty. Wishing you all success in the coming year!