soft light


soft light is a meditation on the joys and challenges of Black remembrance written and narrated by Aleshea Harris, directed by White and produced by TMTC.  From the writer:

“What I recall most vividly about the summer Trayvon Martin was killed was the desire to hold and be held by people who felt as I did,” says Harris. “The despair so many are experiencing now is reminiscent of that time, with its challenges to accessing community and the overwhelming images of Black death. My hope for this moment is that we’ll find ways to reach for one another across distance, that we’ll stand in the truth of our belonging and refuseto abandon joy.

Soft light features Jozben Barrett, Keelay Gipson, Kenard Jackson, Andy Jean, Daniel Alexander Jones, Cheri L. Miller, Ashton Muñiz, Lynn Nottage, Shaina Lynn Simmons, John Sweet, and Kara Young. Collaborators include sound designer Sinan Zafar, editors Tarik Smith and Matthew Russell, and visual artist Byron McCray. Digital design is by Yu-Hsuan Chen.

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