A lil’ gumbo and lots of love

The cast of Spunk! bid adieu to the Court Theater this past weekend. It was a very successful and heartfelt journey.  Working at Court is like being temporarily adopted by a really kick ass family. The creative team and staff work together to put a piece up and go out of their way to include you in their traditions.  How many casting directors make huge pots of gumbo, bread pudding, and a mound of cornbread muffins for the cast and team every show? Casts have been known to literally run off the stage to get a bowl of Cree Rankin’s food on “Gumbo Day”.

     It is going to be particularly difficult to say goodbye to jazz phenomenon Kelvyn Bell,  “The Kelvynator”.  His fervor for arts and music is inspiring to say the very least. With his help Whitney is now on the path to becoming a 4 star scat singer. Kelvyn has a wealth of stories and experience and is one of the most creative minds in music and theater.  Oh well… until Whitney’s next job at Court Theatre, we will be dreaming of Cree’s Gumbo!