Cheeky Chicago

   This past week the girls from Cheeky Chicago, an online women’s guide to Chicago, stopped by Love Loss and What I Wore and stayed for a talk back. The ladies had a blast and the talk back was one that was actually helpful and full of rich dialogue. It is always great to hear feedback, whether it is good or bad, from audience who cares and an audience that appreciates the work.

Cheeky Chicago was co-founded by the very lovely and fellow Northwestern Alum Erica Bethe Levin. The site is great for learning about what’s happening around town; the must see places and shops, as well as celebrity news, arts and culture.  Hopefully we will see Whitney featured in the Stage and Screen section soon 🙂


   Some of you may have heard that this past week the iconic Loretta Swift of MASH fame joined the Chicago cast of Love Loss and What I Wore. Well it has been quite the roller coaster ride, and Swift was a fabulous edition. Her experience in the biz is rare and she has stories to boot!  It is amazing how many little things can change when a new cast member is added. One is never necessarily better than the other, but just different, and a little change always keeps you on your toes. It was the recent photo call that really made the cast feel like a little family.

Our tribute to MadonnaSwift has done the show before and will be taking it back to New York and on tour in 2012.  Having worked frequently as a replacement, it is now interesting to be on the other side, of sorts.  I have found that staying open, listening to the smallest of changes and letting the text reveal its layers had been particularly helpful in this process. As we continue on this ride I can’t wait to see what we will find and discover.

With Love,


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Kisses for Barbara!

This Sunday was Barbara Robertson’s last performance with the Chicago cast of Love Loss and What I Wore. The cast and crew celebrated with a little bowling at Lucky Strike. (Best game Whitney has bowled to date!)

Barbara is a phenomenal actress, singer and teacher. Some of her incredible credits include Wicked and Working.  Sitting next to her every night was a gift and one that will not be forgotten. There is so much girl power in the cast and it really is a great show for ladies of every type. LLWIW will be running at the Broadway Playhouse through December 3rd.

*Special thanks to our wonderful Company Manger Susan for setting up the event.

Weekend Gigs

   It was another busy weekend full of shows and concerts. It started off with opening night of Love Loss and What I Wore at the Broadway Playhouse. The show runs eight times a week through Dec 4th which means plenty of weekend performances.

Each show brought the cast closer together and audiences went away charmed and entertained. The process has been really unique as the cast only had two days of rehearsal before going into performances.








Friday night Whitney had a floor thumping show with JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound at the Double Door. It was a funky way start to Halloween weekend and the venue was packed. In addition to several Uptown Sound songs they also covered Janelle Monae’s Tightrope which was an instant crowd pleaser.


This was Whitney’s second performance with the group.

Special thanks to everyone who came out!

With Love

*Recommended listening: Atlas Sound “Shelia”

A large part of being a working performer is staying connected to your sense of self; your life force and true being. It is expected that we will bring that force to the stage, screen, TV or whatever medium it is we are performing in. It is what people expect to see when they go to a show. They want it. They purchase a part of it with each ticket or subscription and wait faithfully night after night to be lifted into a better space by our energy.

Nevertheless there are times when we are disconnected from ourselves. Those bad days, that string of less than phenomenal callbacks, the argument we had with a loved one, or that crazy street encounter, become a chorus of static distorting the streamline of our artistic consciousness that keeps us going.

Walking out onto the beautiful stage at the Broadway Playhouse, in front of a full, listening and eager audience I felt a wave of reassurance. I thought to myself, I am ready for this. I have practiced, I have trained and I am willing to take the risks necessary to tell the stories in this show.  My cast is one with a strong foundation and each member has the ability to deliver. Any moment of panic was instantly quelled by the beautiful voice of Barbara Robertson, whose skill and warmth would calm anyone.  This was the right place for me. The disconnect may have occurred but I was once again ready to make that leap of faith.  As revelations abound from our first performance, one can only wait to see what the rest of the run has in store.

With Love,




We were so excited to see Whitney’s info up on the Love Loss and What I Wore site! Check it out! Her cycle’s cast includes the incredible Cindy Gold (Jeff Award nominee, Northwestern University Prof.), Taylor Miller (All My Children), Loretta Swit (MASH), and Roni Geva. Whitney will be joining the cast through December 3rd and her first performance will be October 26th.  Looking forward to working out those opening night jitters and sitting alongside these accomplished women on stage!

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