The Playhouse

Thanks so much to everyone who tuned into the Playboy Club on NBC last night! Next week the plot thickens and there will be more bunnies, more music and a lot more drama.

    Recently Whitney stopped by the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place to check out the scene and it was looking as beautiful as ever.  Soon we will be announcing some very exciting news so check in! Here is another shot of the outside of the theatre.

Countdown: 4 Days

“Chicago, Chicago, that toddelin’ town…”

We are only four days away from the premier of NBC’s The Playboy Club! The show will air this Monday Sept 19th at 9pm. The entire process has been a great and we can only wait to see how it is all going to come together. The show is blasting us into the early 60’s when American culture was rapidly changing, from developing women’s rights and the civil rights movement, to music, and fashion. On the show Whitney plays a club singer. Check out a promo shot below:

Go to the official site to meet all the bunnies, read interviews and more.

See the Trailer

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