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   This past week the girls from Cheeky Chicago, an online women’s guide to Chicago, stopped by Love Loss and What I Wore and stayed for a talk back. The ladies had a blast and the talk back was one that was actually helpful and full of rich dialogue. It is always great to hear feedback, whether it is good or bad, from audience who cares and an audience that appreciates the work.

Cheeky Chicago was co-founded by the very lovely and fellow Northwestern Alum Erica Bethe Levin. The site is great for learning about what’s happening around town; the must see places and shops, as well as celebrity news, arts and culture.  Hopefully we will see Whitney featured in the Stage and Screen section soon 🙂

An Education

   Yesterday Whitney auditioned at SAIC (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago). The audition was as much of a learning experience for Whitney as it was for the students; it was a mini class on how to take direction. There were about 9 directors in the room and while one was “leading” the audition, others were free to give direction or request a piece to be performed again.

    For this audition Whitney had to prepare a contemporary monologue and a silent gestural piece which was right up her alley.  At Northwestern Whitney had the privilege of working in the Performance Studies department with Carol Simpson-Stern who always pushed for non verbal performance to be rooted in thorough analysis.  Carol teaches performance courses on modern and contemporary American and British exploring their aesthetic qualities, literary foundations, and implications through live performance.

   The Film, Video, New Media and Animation department at SAIC focuses not only on technique but also on cultural and societal significance. Students have an incredible amount of resources at their disposal; from The Art Institute and the new Modern Wing to the Gene Siskel Film Center. The recent inclusion of a New Media program suggests that the department is progressive and provides students with the tools they need to compete in the changing industry.

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