Eyes on: Rogan

On a little break from the hustle of auditioning and coaching, we stopped by Rogan to visit friend and fellow wildcat Vivienne So who works for the company.

Rogan, founded in 2001 by Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay-Hahn and is located in Soho.  The space is great, open with simple design.

Likewise their current collection is all about simplicity and functionality. Wonderful textures, modern shapes, clean lines, very sexy, and well adapted to urban living.

The leather ware, bags and accessories were all top of the line, some made by local designers. I noticed a lot of earthy browns, silky greys, and beautiful cremes.

Two of my favorite pieces were actually the same dress, but each in a different pattern; a knee-length knit dress with long sleeves, boat neck front and scoop in the back. Very comfortable, easy to wear and feminine.

I would say that Rogan’s clothing is a great representative of what is hot on the street in Manhattan right now. You see a lot of women in similar shapes and hues.

Vivienne in flight 🙂

When asked about what she was looking forward to most out of Rogan’s Spring collection, Vivienne replied:

“Colors, textures, new shapes and fun. We are getting some great dresses in corals, blues, organic cotton and hemp. There is this desert storm, Mad Max feeling with the collection.”

At least we know where our spare money will be going!

#addiction #fashion #don’tjudge!

Vivienne is a New Yorker via Hong Kong, Toronto, and Chicago.


On the Page

Yesterday I did a reading of a new play with Eighty Twenty Productions. I can’t share too much, but the piece handled issues of race, infidelity, bare it all sexuality, and human development with grace and impeccable humour.  It was nice to be sitting around the table again, focusing on the words on the page, and delving into a new character.

Some things that were kicked around the table….

“You really want to be a dad, I mean your character has baby -rabies”

“We met on Craigslist!”

“I felt like I was going to have to apologize to the actress who was going to play my wife, before we got started.”

“What happens to us when we go through a transition?”

The reading was in a building on Park Avenue South, there are a lot of beautiful establishings like this in the area.

Myself, the ladies of the cast and the fabulous writer, Angie Montgomery.

More to come,