d e t a i l

Photography and Flexible Necklace in black by Lena Wunderlich

I recently met Lena Wunderlich, a German native and current RISD Masters student. Lena is a photographer, and jewelry designer.

When she showed me her portfolio I flipped. It’s so fresh and clean, yet highly ambitious and innovative.  When I felt the materials I couldn’t believe how versatile and durable they were.  Her work, whether photos, art design or intricate jewelry pieces, is always crisp, clean, and forward thinking.


Lena like many designers I meet, Lena has such an impeccable eye for detail.  Her sensibility is functional, often quiet, and highly individualized. Shooting with her reminded me that good work is really all in the details.

Lena is currently fundraising for resources to help her complete her degree at RISD (The Rhode island School of Design). Check out the effort and contribute if you can.

Photo Shoot Fresh

On Tuesday Whitney shot with Janna Giacoppo at the Strawdog Theatre space.  Getting professional photos done is always a bit nerve wrecking, but the weather was beautiful and armed with some killer tunes and a great stylist, Nicole Ventura, the shoot went off without a hitch.

Whitney and Nicole on set

Nicole is 100% pro and used an airbrush for foundation which went on very light and did not require being retouched for 6 hours. She used a combination of products mostly Senna, Bobbi Brown, and Mario Badescu skin care.  Badescu’s facial spray and primer rock!

The Strawdog Theatre space was a great place to shoot as it is colorful and abundant in textures and surfaces.

Favorite shots will be posted soon so stay tuned!

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