And finally, we present Whitney’s official reel for 2012. It took us long enough but it was well worth the wait! Clips featured include: NBC’s The Playboy Club (Pilot, and Ep 1), and the Documentary on The House Theatre’s Girls vs Boys.  All photography by Janna Giacoppo. Check it out!

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The Last Shoot

The last day on set for The Playboy Club was unforgettable. The episode featured the very talented Javier Colon, winner of the The Voice. Javier is a force! He was gracious, talented, and supportive. See Whitney, the Hefettes and Javier below.


   Through and through, it was a truly amazing experience. Every episode and rehearsal was physically, mentally and artistically challenging. Working with famed choreographer Fatima Robinson (Dreamgirls, Aaliyah, The Black Eyed Peas) and directors like Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire), Scott Winant (Californication, My So Called Life), and Holy Dale (Flashpoint, Cold Case), was humbling and inspiring. Additionally Chad Hodge, the show’s main writer and one of its producers, has one of the best work ethics in the biz.

The show will be living on in other forms so be sure to check back for updates, DVD release info and more. Many wishes and best of luck to the cast and crew going forward.

The Scarlet Bunny

Last night’s episode of The Playboy Club, “The Scarlet Bunny” (101)  was really exciting! It is always interesting to see the final cut.  While filming you only get to see clips of playback and you never know what will be put in the episode and what will be left out. But last night’s episode had a great feature of the Whitney and the Heffettes singing and dancing to “In the Mood” and “Walk Like a Man”.

*A shot of Whitney White and Logan Vaughn from 101

We got to know a little more about the bunnies and the politics of the club as the girls vied for a cover girl competition and Maureen became the smoking hot “Scarlett Bunny”. Miss the episode? Watch the entire show here. *Keep an eye out for 23:22 🙂

Here is one of our favorite promo’s for the show. Watch the first episodes and decide for yourself!

The Playhouse

Thanks so much to everyone who tuned into the Playboy Club on NBC last night! Next week the plot thickens and there will be more bunnies, more music and a lot more drama.

    Recently Whitney stopped by the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place to check out the scene and it was looking as beautiful as ever.  Soon we will be announcing some very exciting news so check in! Here is another shot of the outside of the theatre.

Countdown: 4 Days

“Chicago, Chicago, that toddelin’ town…”

We are only four days away from the premier of NBC’s The Playboy Club! The show will air this Monday Sept 19th at 9pm. The entire process has been a great and we can only wait to see how it is all going to come together. The show is blasting us into the early 60’s when American culture was rapidly changing, from developing women’s rights and the civil rights movement, to music, and fashion. On the show Whitney plays a club singer. Check out a promo shot below:

Go to the official site to meet all the bunnies, read interviews and more.

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