Get out your Hairspray…

The Drury Lane Hairspray call yesterday in Chicago was crazy! It can be easy to forget how competitive the Chicago market really is,  specifically the musical theatre market, as many equity calls have small to medium size turnouts. But you wouldn’t know that from yesterday’s dance call.

Both the waiting and dance room were jam packed. But everyone was very positive and eager; singing songs from the show, catching up, stretching and chatting. You got the feeling that this was a favorite for many.    Hairspray is one of those musicals that really resonates with perfomers of all shapes, colors and sizes and remains relevant.

While there Whitney bumped into a lot of familiar faces including Steven Perkins and Sharisse Hamilton (shown here) whom she worked with in Passing Strange.

The dance routine was a lot of fun but everyone is going to be a little sore today!

Fingers Crossed!

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