Some of you may have heard that this past week the iconic Loretta Swift of MASH fame joined the Chicago cast of Love Loss and What I Wore. Well it has been quite the roller coaster ride, and Swift was a fabulous edition. Her experience in the biz is rare and she has stories to boot!  It is amazing how many little things can change when a new cast member is added. One is never necessarily better than the other, but just different, and a little change always keeps you on your toes. It was the recent photo call that really made the cast feel like a little family.

Our tribute to MadonnaSwift has done the show before and will be taking it back to New York and on tour in 2012.  Having worked frequently as a replacement, it is now interesting to be on the other side, of sorts.  I have found that staying open, listening to the smallest of changes and letting the text reveal its layers had been particularly helpful in this process. As we continue on this ride I can’t wait to see what we will find and discover.

With Love,


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