How we gonna pay…RENT

This weekend was another round of auditions for ATC and About Face’s joint production of RENT. RENT will run Spring of 2012 at ATC and is now being directed by the very accomplished and highly acclaimed David Cromer .

   Whitney has worked on two productions with About Face (Stupid Kids, Oklahomo for the Holidays) and our fingers are really crossed for this one! About Face has an amazing way of combining a focused mission with great artistic programming. Their outreach programs have helped hundreds of GLBT youth across the city. About Face is led by Bonnie Metzgar.

ATC is helmed by the multi-faceted PJ Paparelli, the company recently closed the smash hit Grease. Whitney first did RENT in 2009 with Night Blue Theatre company directed by David Walters and Brian LaDuca.

The callback was packed with many friends and old cast members. The fact is all of those actors could and should do the show but we all know the realities of the casting process.

Nevertheless it was a great audition to have before the holidays and seeing all those familiar faces was a reminder that you never know what is in store for the future. As 2011 comes to a close it’s great to remember that there are many opportunities for all of us and many paths to take.

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