Macbeth in Stride

Macbeth In Stride is an electrified look at the descent of the Lady Macbeth and her husband through the iconic music of Ike and Tina Turner, The Doors, and more. Featuring Shakespeare’s text the show takes an intimate look at a relationship in turmoil and the effects of vaulting ambition. How do we punish and celebrate women who push too hard, who want too much, who sing too loud?

Macbeth In Stride is part one in a series of concert plays exploring Shakespeare’s women, set to rock and roll. Written by Whitney White, directed by Caitlin O’Connell, and produced by Emily Breeze.


Peter Mark Kendall

Whitney White


First created as a solo project as part of Brown/Trinity Rep’s MFA program. Special thanks to Zdenko Martin, Billy Finn, Jesse Nelson, Ian McNeely and the Brown University/ Trinity Rep MFA Acting program.

Workshops / Presentations

White Herron (June, 2015)

Chautauqua Theatre (August, 2016)

Trinity Rep (May, 2017)

Judson Memorial (January, 2018)

Breadloaf (August, 2018)

Just Press Play

Music is Everything.

This week I did a collabo with the very talented Lamone Green a.k.a “SoulKlap” on The Fear. The results were stunning.

SoulKlap is a writer, producer and rapper hailing from Cleveland, OH currently based out of Williamsburg.

This was one of those collaborations you don’t forget. The writing process was easy and natural, and the song speaks very strongly to me.

  On the meaning of the track:

 “The Fear was the first song I wrote when I moved to New York last August.  It is the story of how I got here, and why I’m here.  I hope that it motivates people to rid themselves of whatever they fear whether that’s quitting a job to move, trying something new or whatever it is.”

On what inspires him most as an artist:

“Life is the best motivator.  I’ve experienced a lot, met a lot of people, collaborated with a lot of talented artists.  Just living in New York has motivated me to go hard with my music. That’s what also motivated me to title my next project Nothing To Lose, The World To Gain.”

Lamone Green


Listen to The Fear below.


“You’ve got the fear now taking over, keep your head high

forget every fear you remember.

You’ve got the fear now feel it inside, let your soul rise

forget every fear you remember.”

Sing Harlem SING!

Saturday was the opening of  Sing Harlem Sing!, or what we like to call “Music for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning“.

*Note: The show is currently running Saturdays at 1:00 pm, NOT at 8:00pm.

I am not sure how to really explain this show, because it is nuts. Period. Let’s just say by the end of our first performance, the audience was LITERALLY dancing in the aisles. And there were tears. That has honestly, never happened to me before, maybe when I performed at a festival. Not even.

There is something about the show that makes you feel good. The music moves me so deeply, and I think that is what excites the audience.

We pay tribute to the history of Harlem, the impact of evolving black music, and it is a great place to be on a Saturday at 1:00. We have already been extended through the summer.

Oh, our band is killer. Our drummer is 14 years old, and he eats Cheerios with a side of fierce for breakfast.

The rehearsal process was not always smooth. *Cough…I may have had a few diva moments. But I have learned a lot about starting from scratch in a big city where there are many established vocalists and performers. At the end of the day, I found my place in the cast and am excited that this will be my first Musical in NY.

Our dynamic director Ken Wydro. His wife Vy Higginson author, playwright Radio and TV personality, and himself run the Mama Foundation whose other show Mama, I Want to Sing has been running for over 30 years. If you are in the NYC area, I highly recommend that you see both shows.

*Note: The show is currently running Saturdays at 1:00 pm, NOT at 8:00pm.

Special Thanks to Gray Talent Group!



And finally, we present Whitney’s official reel for 2012. It took us long enough but it was well worth the wait! Clips featured include: NBC’s The Playboy Club (Pilot, and Ep 1), and the Documentary on The House Theatre’s Girls vs Boys.  All photography by Janna Giacoppo. Check it out!

What do you think? Let us know!

Weekend Gigs

   It was another busy weekend full of shows and concerts. It started off with opening night of Love Loss and What I Wore at the Broadway Playhouse. The show runs eight times a week through Dec 4th which means plenty of weekend performances.

Each show brought the cast closer together and audiences went away charmed and entertained. The process has been really unique as the cast only had two days of rehearsal before going into performances.








Friday night Whitney had a floor thumping show with JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound at the Double Door. It was a funky way start to Halloween weekend and the venue was packed. In addition to several Uptown Sound songs they also covered Janelle Monae’s Tightrope which was an instant crowd pleaser.


This was Whitney’s second performance with the group.

Special thanks to everyone who came out!

Weekend Gigs

This weekend Whitney did two gigs with the Sunshine Reggae band. Friday night they performed at the Marriott in Burr Ridge for a two-hour event.  It is always funny when the audience begins to participate and let’s just say this group was REALLY active! The crowd went nuts for Bob Marley classics.

    Sunday the group performed at an annual function at the Martinique Banquet Hall.  The group has over 50 songs in their repertoire spanning Calypso, Reggae, 50’s Jukebox songs, and classic rock.  They have performed at almost every type of event and on November 20th the group will be performing at the beautiful DuSable Museum of African American History located in Hyde Park.

For booking and for more info click here.

A lil’ gumbo and lots of love

The cast of Spunk! bid adieu to the Court Theater this past weekend. It was a very successful and heartfelt journey.  Working at Court is like being temporarily adopted by a really kick ass family. The creative team and staff work together to put a piece up and go out of their way to include you in their traditions.  How many casting directors make huge pots of gumbo, bread pudding, and a mound of cornbread muffins for the cast and team every show? Casts have been known to literally run off the stage to get a bowl of Cree Rankin’s food on “Gumbo Day”.

     It is going to be particularly difficult to say goodbye to jazz phenomenon Kelvyn Bell,  “The Kelvynator”.  His fervor for arts and music is inspiring to say the very least. With his help Whitney is now on the path to becoming a 4 star scat singer. Kelvyn has a wealth of stories and experience and is one of the most creative minds in music and theater.  Oh well… until Whitney’s next job at Court Theatre, we will be dreaming of Cree’s Gumbo!

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound Video

So excited to make this post!  Yesterday Whitney shot with JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound for their upcoming release “Everything will be Fine”.

The Uptown Sound is a soul outfit based out of Chicago that brings life to classic jams and mixes them with their own original pieces. This Friday they are performing at Doubledoor, and throughout September they will be touring Spain and Italy.







Whitney first worked with the band on Passing Strange with Bailiwick Chicago spring of 2011.  Their album is on pre-sale now at with an official release October 25th.

Nice whip…

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