The Last Shoot

The last day on set for The Playboy Club was unforgettable. The episode featured the very talented Javier Colon, winner of the The Voice. Javier is a force! He was gracious, talented, and supportive. See Whitney, the Hefettes and Javier below.


   Through and through, it was a truly amazing experience. Every episode and rehearsal was physically, mentally and artistically challenging. Working with famed choreographer Fatima Robinson (Dreamgirls, Aaliyah, The Black Eyed Peas) and directors like Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire), Scott Winant (Californication, My So Called Life), and Holy Dale (Flashpoint, Cold Case), was humbling and inspiring. Additionally Chad Hodge, the show’s main writer and one of its producers, has one of the best work ethics in the biz.

The show will be living on in other forms so be sure to check back for updates, DVD release info and more. Many wishes and best of luck to the cast and crew going forward.

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