d e t a i l

Photography and Flexible Necklace in black by Lena Wunderlich

I recently met Lena Wunderlich, a German native and current RISD Masters student. Lena is a photographer, and jewelry designer.

When she showed me her portfolio I flipped. It’s so fresh and clean, yet highly ambitious and innovative.  When I felt the materials I couldn’t believe how versatile and durable they were.  Her work, whether photos, art design or intricate jewelry pieces, is always crisp, clean, and forward thinking.


Lena like many designers I meet, Lena has such an impeccable eye for detail.  Her sensibility is functional, often quiet, and highly individualized. Shooting with her reminded me that good work is really all in the details.

Lena is currently fundraising for resources to help her complete her degree at RISD (The Rhode island School of Design). Check out the effort and contribute if you can.

Chicago’s 25 what?

Thanks to Latin School of Chicago alumni Noah Isackson I got to kick off the summer with a nice highlight in Chicago Magazine’s July issue: Chicago’s 25 High Profile Singles. (!!!!?!!!!?!)

I got the call from Noah on a Tuesday afternoon and he explained that thanks to a highlight in Latin’s alumni magazine he wanted to nominate me for the article. (Go Romans!) A month later I got an email saying I had been selected. “This should be fun,” I thought to myself, and it totally was.

The interview was done by phone, the first time I have ever really done a phone interview, and lasted about 2 hours. (y’all know I’m chatty). Nolan asked me everything from what my fave hangs were, what drives me as an actress,  to what I am looking for in a guy (to be decided.)

I was photographed with the very lovely interior design mogul Krisin Petro. Wardrobe was nautical, light and fun. Additionally hair and makeup artist Krystyn Johnson has to be one of the best professionals I have ever worked with. She was so versatile and ready for any challenge.

Maria Ponce, fashion and commercial photographer rocked.

Special thanks to the team at Chicago Mag, my family and Gray Talent Group without whom I would not have received any attention for my efforts over the past four years in theatre and television. Pick up a copy at a local store now!



On Set

Yesterday I had a commercial booking for Restaurant.com out in Schaumburg at West Wood Tavern. The job was cast and shot with Alter. There was a lot of diversity on set; actors, models, and employees of Restaurant.com.

Above is a shot of the bar from the second level. Westwood Tavern provided food. (Is it bad for a model to eat a mini pulled pork sandwich on set?)

Here is the look they gave me; non seasonal, fun makeup, print dress by Ann Taylor. The Alter team was patient and professional as usual. This past Spring I also did a shoot for Courvoisier Rose with Alter.

Watching the creative team turn the location into a shoot; setting up lighting, equipment and managing talent is always exciting.There is a lot of foresight that goes into a shoot and

Alter specializes in high impact digital images and CGI.  Check out their blog for sample work and more info! Special thanks to Gray Talent Group for the booking.