On Set

Yesterday I had a commercial booking for Restaurant.com out in Schaumburg at West Wood Tavern. The job was cast and shot with Alter. There was a lot of diversity on set; actors, models, and employees of Restaurant.com.

Above is a shot of the bar from the second level. Westwood Tavern provided food. (Is it bad for a model to eat a mini pulled pork sandwich on set?)

Here is the look they gave me; non seasonal, fun makeup, print dress by Ann Taylor. The Alter team was patient and professional as usual. This past Spring I also did a shoot for Courvoisier Rose with Alter.

Watching the creative team turn the location into a shoot; setting up lighting, equipment and managing talent is always exciting.There is a lot of foresight that goes into a shoot and

Alter specializes in high impact digital images and CGI.  Check out their blog for sample work and more info! Special thanks to Gray Talent Group for the booking.

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