With Love

*Recommended listening: Atlas Sound “Shelia”

A large part of being a working performer is staying connected to your sense of self; your life force and true being. It is expected that we will bring that force to the stage, screen, TV or whatever medium it is we are performing in. It is what people expect to see when they go to a show. They want it. They purchase a part of it with each ticket or subscription and wait faithfully night after night to be lifted into a better space by our energy.

Nevertheless there are times when we are disconnected from ourselves. Those bad days, that string of less than phenomenal callbacks, the argument we had with a loved one, or that crazy street encounter, become a chorus of static distorting the streamline of our artistic consciousness that keeps us going.

Walking out onto the beautiful stage at the Broadway Playhouse, in front of a full, listening and eager audience I felt a wave of reassurance. I thought to myself, I am ready for this. I have practiced, I have trained and I am willing to take the risks necessary to tell the stories in this show.  My cast is one with a strong foundation and each member has the ability to deliver. Any moment of panic was instantly quelled by the beautiful voice of Barbara Robertson, whose skill and warmth would calm anyone.  This was the right place for me. The disconnect may have occurred but I was once again ready to make that leap of faith.  As revelations abound from our first performance, one can only wait to see what the rest of the run has in store.

With Love,



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