The Scarlet Bunny

Last night’s episode of The Playboy Club, “The Scarlet Bunny” (101)  was really exciting! It is always interesting to see the final cut.  While filming you only get to see clips of playback and you never know what will be put in the episode and what will be left out. But last night’s episode had a great feature of the Whitney and the Heffettes singing and dancing to “In the Mood” and “Walk Like a Man”.

*A shot of Whitney White and Logan Vaughn from 101

We got to know a little more about the bunnies and the politics of the club as the girls vied for a cover girl competition and Maureen became the smoking hot “Scarlett Bunny”. Miss the episode? Watch the entire show here. *Keep an eye out for 23:22 🙂

Here is one of our favorite promo’s for the show. Watch the first episodes and decide for yourself!

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